Dr. Nina Combaz (-Söhnchen) proposes to you operations outside of the public hospitals of the Valais, at the "Clinique de Valère", at Sion.

This is your oportunity for an opperation by your chosen doctor, at a private environment of high competence, independant of your insurance system.

Treatment at every moment and in comfortable suites for the patients possessing a private insurance.

Some of the proposed opperations:

  • operations for urinary incontinence
  • operations of pelvic organ prolaps - operation from the vagina, laparoscopic or by open abdominal surgery
  • cysto-urethroscopies, intravesical Botox injections
  • operations of benign breast leasions
  • operations for sterility investigations
  • operations of the overies and the adnexes
  • operations of  the uterus
  • operations of myoma - by hysteroscopic investigations as well as by minimal invasif surgergy
  • operations in case of bleedings (curettages, thermoablations of the endometrial cell layer)
  • ablations of the uterus and the ovaries (by vaginal, coelioscopique and abdominal surgery)
  • curettages
  • operations of the cervix: conisations ans cervical banding
  • laser-therapy of the cervix, the vagina and the vulva
  • vaginal corrections upon inquiry